Body Massage: Mechanical Tools

Did you know there are massage tools that can help you do the work? An example of this would be the mechanical tool. The mechanical massage tool is completely automated and operates from batteries or house wall power supply. In short, they use electricity to give you vibration and kneading sensations for your body. How much do they cost? Well, it may vary from a low to very high price.

Here are some of these mechanical devices that you should know about. 강남안마


You can hold it in one hand and apply pressure on a body spot. It is capable of thumping the massage area by simulating the karate chopping hands motion. When should you use it? You can use them after a tiring exercise session. But bear in mind that the thumper does not come cheap.

Doohickeys that vibrate

Doohickey is just a general term describing the various tools available. It is not a massage specific product term. Therefore, you can find any of these vibrating devices on the many shelves of a massage store. Most of them are powered by batteries and therefore portable. But usually, they don’t really serve the purpose of a good massage. They are best be used for warm up massages only.

Shiatsu massager

In this device, there are fingers inside! These mechanical fingers do the kneading work for you. How do you use it? You simply place it on your chair’s back rest, and lean your back against the chair, like how you would sit normally. Who should use it? People who have back problems due to sitting on a chair for too long.

Massage furniture

The most obvious one comes in the form of a chair or a table. These are probably the most comfortable mechanical massage tools that you can find. But their price comes in the range of few thousands of dollars. If you have the budget, go for it.


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