Changes in the Healthcare Industry

There have been significant changes in the medical health industry in the last twenty years. Because of today’s healthcare parameters and changes in insurance benefits and payouts, keeping a healthcare facility running with ample funding has become increasingly difficult. kingston jamaica airport customs

The good news is this degree program has substantially helped change the way many facilities manage and operate. Just twenty years ago, there were only six programs of this type in the country. Today there are 65 medical universities and colleges that offer this program with an average student enrollment of 500 students.[3]

Through : MD MBA programs, hundreds of facilities are better managed across the country. These graduates have been able to change the way medical facilities across America are run significantly. Before this degree program was initiated, many healthcare facilities were either run by administrators that had no medical training or by seasoned medical professionals. However, in both cases, there is a lack of understanding that often made the facility suffer.

When a healthcare facility is run by an administrator with a marginal medical background, they can have policies that are counterintuitive to what the medical profession should be focused on which is positive patient care. This can lead to negative patient reviews and a lack of patients to care for. However, when a healthcare facility is run by a medical professional without business experience, the day to day business decisions can often take a back seat to the healthcare focus. This can result in a poorly managed facility that ends up closing its doors because of a lack of financial solvency.

The lack of expertise of administrators with no medical background or medical professionals with no administrative experience has been the downfall of many facilities across the country. The MD MBA degree was created because both professionals have something powerful to offer but not enough to run a medical facility properly. Increasingly, many medical facilities are seeking graduates with this degree as a sound solution to a significant administrative healthcare problem.

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