How to Create a Legal Will Online

When my  wife and I lost a very dear friend and a sister-in-law less than three weeks apart, it made us realize just how fragile life is. Both had just turned thirty, and left behind spouses and small children. Being young, we had never thought about writing wills, but as we so painfully learned, being young is no guarantee that something tragic won’t happen, and no excuse not to have your affairs in order. freewillstoprint

In fact, being a young parent, as both of our loved ones were, is exactly why one needs to have a legal will established. With the availability of websites that allow you create a legal will online, no excuse is good enough not to have a will.

A question you may be thinking is “If I create a will online, will it be legally binding?” The answer to this question is yes.

Legal Requirements to Create a Will (Online or Offline)

There are certain requirements that make a will legal and binding.

First, the person signing his or her will must be sound of mind, and must be acting of his or her own will. In addition, the person signing the will must not be mentally ill.

Second, the will must be signed by two or three people, depending on the state. These people cannot be related to you, or stand to inherit anything from your will.

The will’s appearance must also be uniform. A will does not need to be notarized, although if you are creating a legal will online, you will have the option of self-proving the will. This means that you will be able to create a separate, notarized affidavit stating that your will is valid.

You Really Can Draft A Will At Home – With Help

Another common concern about creating a will online is whether or not it must be filed with a court, or with public records. A will does not have to be filled with any sort of government authority, meaning that if you create a will online, all you will have to do is get it signed by witnesses, and create an additional notarized affidavit if you so choose.

Everything that needs to be done to create a legal will online can be done from home, with no additional steps needed or errands to be ran. Of course, if you choose, many courts are willing to store wills, but the location of your will is a personal choice, and in no way affects its legality.

Although creating a legally binding will from your home is possible, the idea of actually getting started can be daunting. You may be worried about not knowing what to include in a will, how things should be worded, or the proper way to assign guardians.

Using online software is the ideal solution to these concerns. Such websites are specifically designed to guide you through the process of creating a legal will from your home, and will assure that everything that should be included in your will, are included. Because creating a will can be done in a few hours with ease, from the privacy of your home, there is truly no excuse not to have a will.


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