How to Grow As a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

As we all know currently there is no qualification required for starting a Medical Tourism Facilitation Company but that does not mean that anyone and everyone can successfully manage a Medical Tourism Facilitation business because it requires a lot of in-depth healthcare knowledge to suggest best healthcare facility in the host country, extremely good relations with the Healthcare Providers in the host country to provide seam less and hassle free patient experience to the incoming patients, and supportive relations with the Medical Tourism Facilitators in home country to provide pre-arrival support and follow-up care after the treatment in the home country of the patient, Process also includes preparing for the worst as things can go wrong at one of the best institutes also. So what we see is Medical Tourism Facilitation business is a complex mix of sharing Knowledge, building network, Trusted Overseas Partners and Mitigating Risk, if a Facilitator fails in any one of the domain then they are doomed to fail in the fast changing business.

Knowledge Sharing: This is a very important step to succeed, let’s say you are a very knowledgeable person in Healthcare but how do other people know that you are most knowledgeable person in healthcare domain? The answer is simple, By sharing the healthcare knowledge we have with the industry, It will serve two purpose, First It will increase your followers who are searching for the matched Information they are actually Patients looking for information and secondly while conversation with the other healthcare leaders more learning will happen. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

Building Network: Having a big pool of trusted Healthcare providers is very important for the success of your medical tourism company. Why it is Important? Say one patient from US came to India for complex heart treatment and after the initial evaluation of the patient, Patient is uncomfortable with the Healthcare Facility/Surgeon/Locality or any other thing then how a new facility will be arranged in such a short notice if you don’t have big pool of trusted network. If we have a good network then you will be able to offer range in treatment price also which is good for the patient, and what is good for the patient is ultimately good for a Medical Tourism Facilitator.

Trusted Overseas Partners: Medical Tourism Facilitation not only includes precise arrangements in host country but also include lots of important arrangement in the home country of the patient, Medical Financing is one important aspect and Most important is timely Follow up care in the home country after the treatment is over, this follow care is extremely important and difficult to provide if you do not have presence in the home country of the patient, and I know most of the Facilitators are present in either home country of the patient or the host country of the hospital, so it is really important for the facilitators to have strong and healthy relations with facilitators of other country, either to coordinate for the medical treatment or to provide the follow up treatment to the patient.

Risk mitigation: Yes Medical Tourism trip has its share of risk and fear involved with it, so until the fear of the patient is mitigated there won’t be growth in the sector, Medical Tourism Facilitators and Healthcare Providers should come together to mitigate the risks and fears of the patient by providing Comprehensive Medical Malpractice Coverage. It is a very vast field but there has to be two important constituents of this coverage first is Medical Malpractice Insurance before the procedure so that patient do not have to spend again out of pocket if anything goes wrong in the surgery, the insurance should cover price of secondary procedure in the home country or price of whole trip to the host country (If required).


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