International Tourism in India

International Tourism Circuit in India

The cultural diversity, the hospitality of people and the presence of exotic locations drive people towards our country. Of late, Ayurveda has become quite popular among the people arriving in our country. Many travel agents make it a point to book advanced bookings in coordination with their peers in India to successfully coordinate the tour operations. Currently, India is the 38th most popular country in the list, still far behind other Asian economies in terms of revenue and accessibility. Despite the immense tourism potential, our country has been able to attract only a fraction of the tourist traffic in the region. The places where the foreign travelers frequent most in our country include Chennai, Agra, Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi. Due to the Chirapunchi factor, even the North-eastern states have become the hotspots for foreigners who seek the unspoiled nature in her true splendor. The Indian government has simplified the procedures for getting a visa so that people get it without any glitch. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

Under the patronage of different government, the international tourism has become an important money spinner for us. According the official information available, the current earnings of our country from tourism initiatives for January – May 2015 stands at Rs. 51, 351 crore, which is a 24% increase from its previous year figure for the same period of Rs. 48, 302 crore.

Hike in Inbound Travelers

Thanks to the immense publicity and exposure, many states have been able to raise the awareness about their culture, cuisine and exotic locations among the foreign nationals across the globe. For instance, the Kerala Government conducted a road show for the benefit of people living in the United Kingdom. It was conducted on the sidelines of Mayor of London Day. Due to such initiatives, the awareness about Indian tourism landscape has increased sizeably. There could be many reasons for people visiting the country, which include medical tourism, adventure tourism, general visits, official conducted tours, etc. These travelers bring home money and revenue, and take home the pleasant stay in our exotic locations. The words of wisdom about the experience about the places visited get passed through the words of mouth and spread like a wildfire. The hill stations, exotic beaches in our country offer a home away from home for people who want to warm up in our countryside when their home places are reeling under severe cold winter or hot summer at different points in time. Above all these, the hospitality meted out by the locals in India has also made sea of difference in the minds of foreigners visiting that country.


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