Merchant Account or Payment Gateway? Comparison Between These Confusing Terms

The number of e-commerce businesses is growing, driven by the fact that more of us now opt to shop in that way. This has also meant that the number of companies providing payment services to merchants is also rising.

Having a range of options in this field can be great but can also make it more difficult to decide which one will be the most suitable for your business.

One of the difficult choices many have to face is that of which payment gateway is the best.

Here are some of the things to take into consideration before you make your decision:

1. Integration – before you look at any other aspects you first need to know whether a given gateway can actually be integrated with your shopping cart. The likelihood is that it can, but there are exceptions, so be sure to check this first before looking at other aspects. best payment gateway for high risk business

2. Charges – this is important for all businesses, especially start-ups. Find out what the setup fees are and remember to ask for the charges per transaction as well as any monthly service charges. It is good to know beforehand how many transactions you are forecasting to make, as it can help you choose the most suitable tariff.

3. Security – it is crucial that you only work with a payment service provider (PSP) which is Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant. This means that their servers and networks are secure and can process huge numbers of transactions safely. Aside from protecting you and your consumers it also takes a lot of hassle away from your business becoming compliant too.

4. Reports – every payment gateway will come with some kind of reporting tools, which will allow you to see the transactions made through your website. The quality of those tools and the reports they generate will vary from one provider to another, making it another thing you should compare when doing your research.

5. Support – even the best payment gateway needs an excellent support team to make it a complete package. Find out which providers will give you ongoing assistance and how much it will cost you. Knowing that help is at hand when needed can give you a piece of mind and allow you to get on with more important things.

It can indeed be difficult to find a payment gateway which fits all of your business needs, but by following the above points you should find the search easier.


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