Pitbull Puppy Training – How To Do It

The pitbull breed puppy is a puppy full of energy. It can’t help but run and play all day. Although known to be a dog aggressive type of breed, a well trained pitbull puppy will bring tons of joy into your family’s life. Pitbull training can begin as early as you get him home. This will help him channel his overflowing energy to good use. One important thing to note is that you must never bore a pitbull puppy. Let us see how we can train a pitbull puppy at home:

  • Feeding. As with other dog breeds you have to start with the basics, teach your pitbull puppy where to get his food and where to find his water dish to prevent him from quaffing water from the bowl. Never feed him unless it is in his bowl. He has to learn this to make him wait for food and not bother you while you eat at the table.
  • Sleeping. Make a small bed or better yet, to prepare for a pitbull’s size, a big crate for a bed. Be sure to dog proof the crate with padding and if you would like to, add a small blanket for the puppy to play with. Teaching a dog where to sleep can be hard at first but he will eventually get the message when you place him in his bed each night. pitbull puppies for sale
  • Potty training. Pitbull puppy training when it comes to potty training is easy. Take him to a cardboard box every after meals to do his business. After many attempts he can already remember (and smell) where he can go. You can also train a pitbull to go when you are walking him when he becomes an adult.
  • Biting. Pitbull puppy training when it comes to biting is easy especially if you have a tether. If you see him munching on a slipper, replace the slipper with a tether. This will teach him to associate biting with only his chew toys.
  • Dog aggression. Pitbulls are known to be dog aggressive breeds. The only way to do this is to get another dog. Introduce the new dog as if he was the first one to find it. Having a new dog can teach him to be calm around new dogs and to control his temperament.
  • Play. After taking care of basic training, it is time for play and fun. You can teach your pitbull any tricks in the book since he is full of energy. This breed is not for the average couch potato owner. As a pitbull owner you have to have a lot of time to spend walking and running with your dog. If you live in a small apartment, your puppy might get bored and restless and this may lead him to look for fun. So try to have more time for your puppy especially when he is growing up.

A Pitbull is a breed with great pride and history. You cannot deny a Pitbulls love for play and at times aggression towards other animals. Therefore proper training must be done to make your Pitbull puppy the best behaved pup in the block.

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