Presto Deep Fryer – A Review of the ProFry

The Presto ProFry deep fryer, a professional-style electric deep fryer, is a convenient, home size appliance from this well-established manufacturer of home kitchen wares. This Presto 05462 unit comes with a list of comprehensive features. Here’s what you get and don’t get.

The striking stainless steel housing is made to last. It comes with a one year-limited warranty and runs on a powerful 120 Volts AC, 1800 Watts. The modern-looking appliance is fitted with an oblong-shaped basket that is ideal for a 9-cup food capacity and easily accommodates large pieces of fish and chicken, along with other fried foods. This feature is handy especially for large families or for parties and gatherings where the large amounts of food are required to be served continuously. The powerful heat immersion system provides for quick oil heating as well as preheating.

Presto’s ProFry electric best air fryer features modern digital control and display features along with an adjustable thermostat and timer. This allows for food to be fried at the required temperature while the timer allows means that you don’t have to stand around waiting for the food to be ready; you can get on with something else. The cover, with charcoal air filter, reduces odor and splattering and also acts as a shield while the food is being lowered into the oil.

What makes this particular model unique is the ability for it to be used for steaming and boiling of food other than delicious, crispy and crunch fried food time and time again. It is also perfect for foods such as seafood and vegetables. This gives food-lovers a balanced diet of fried-food along with healthy alternatives of steamed and boiled foods.

Cleaning the appliance is also easy as both the heating element and enameled pot are removable. For me, one of the main grouches after a frying session is the cleaning up. But, with the ProFry, cleaning is very easy with no oil spatters during frying due to the cover acting as a shield; you only need wipe it down with a wet cloth.

Having said all that, one of the small criticisms I have of this appliance is that the cover, which acts as a shield while lowering the food, has to be removed when frying moist foods such as French Fries. This might be a tedious and troublesome task at hand for some.

The Presto ProFry 05462 Digital Deep Fryer is great for large families and is an excellent appliance. However, for smaller families, this particular model might be a little on the large size.

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