The Four Essential C’s of CPAP Use

We have discussed the ABCD’s of CPAP Masks use. Now let us stick with the four essential C’s of CPAP use that will help you stick with your mask and will help you achieve not only comfort in your sleep, but also relief in your sleeping problems.

(1) Clearance
The first step is always acceptance. The first step is to clear your thoughts of any negative ideas that you may have towards CPAP use. One of the common negative thoughts is the prejudice that using the mask will be uncomfortable without trying it out first. It is important to be welcoming, accepting and very open minded as you try out your first mask for fitting.

(2) Compliance
The next step is comply with the requirements of CPAP use. Use it when you feel the need to use it and use it constantly. Your compliance is very essential as it will be the determining factor of whether or not you can actually stick with using your unit and mask. Compliance is of the essence.

(3) Commitment
Now, the third C is commitment. Be committed in your use of the mask and the machine. It does not help being fickle about its use. Once you have started using your CPAP, be sure to stick with it and use it whenever you need it and as often as your need to.

(4) Continuity
And of course, continue using the mask. The use of the mask will be a life long need and commitment as you start with the use of your CPAP mask. It is very important to keep using the mask in order to maximize the comfort it brings and of course, to make the CPAP therapy work nicely, effectively and efficiently.


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